5 Days Down, 1945 to Go

September 5, 2008 at 12:52 pm Leave a comment

We’re 5 days into CPS and so far so good.  In a totally out-of-character way, my son has said that he’s liked every day so far.  What goes on in the classroom remains a bit of a mystery, but it seems to be enjoyable.  He says its “fun,” – something he never said about his preschool.   I suspect the teacher is easing them into school and once the real learning-time starts he may be less enthusiastic, but the tranisition is going well.

Morning drop of is a totally-IN-character experience with him getting weepy and clingly (as am I but I’m better at hiding it than he is.)  There is something so heartbreaking about seeing these little kids crying as their parents leave (oh no, he wasn’t the only one.)  The fact that they have no self-consciousness yet about crying at school or wanting their mommy or daddy makes you realize how young and vulnerable they are inside, which makes it that much harder to walk out.

I like the CPS environment a lot, although its exponentially more chaotic than our private school was (car drop off run with military-like precision, each kid and car assigned a number) but I think this is the kind of chaos I like.  There’s a certain anonymity to chaos that I think will suit both my son and me better.  Part of what “sold” him on the school was the promise of Freedom.  The freedom to play on the playground after school because its a public school.  And that ANYONE can play on the playground.  And parents are ALLOWED in the classroom as volunteers.  I may as well have been waving the American flag as I described the personal freedoms that would be enjoyed at his new school.  Of course I didn’t mention the 8 million rules that will probably be enforced inside.  I will let that unfold in due time.

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